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If you are looking for an offshore design agency to outsource your business, the unifying path is a stop solution for you. We are the leading service providers in the highly skilled graphic needs of people. The Clipping Path United (CPU) is located in Bangladesh and specializes in offshore outsourcing of graphic design, including background removal, images, handmade clipping path, Product photo editing, Image editing, Image Retouching, image outsourcing, photoshop related services, clipping mask services and customers processing different services Include globally In fact, we offer every possible service our customers expect from any professional graphic designer, and we can ensure that we will do our best. We provide a very high quality of image cut service and provide image masking service while keeping our customers at the lowest possible cost for the benefit of both the company and the client. We are proud of the fact that we have many loyal business customers in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, in England and other continents. Company CPU was created with the aim of providing businesses in industries that are involved in working with a team of advertising and marketing agencies, personal photographers or photographers, publishing houses such as magazine agencies and various such businesses.

Where are we located ?

Our outsourcing graphic design firm's current office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As many people will know, Bangladesh has very cheap labor cost and thus in order to be able to provide service to our customers, in other countries such clips are far less than the demand of companies.

About Clipping Path United

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About Clipping Path United

Clipping Path United

Clipping Path United is committed to providing its customers with high level of accuracy and maintaining the confidentiality of customer's needs. Just give an opportunity and check yourself.

About Clipping Path United

Our work ethics

We are very committed to our work, which includes providing excellent image editing services and manipulation of photos with highly competitive prices, outsourcing solutions spread across multiple platforms on high-quality distribution and excellent customer support system. We know the importance of time for our customers and thus we ensure that all delivery is made within the time limit so that our customers cannot be disappointed and due to our interruption in work to prevent those problems Also possible. It is not that we do not make mistakes, we are only human, but those mistakes are never deliberately created. Our team consists of highly skilled and professional people who are experts in their work with years of experience and experience in their field. They work around the clock to be able to provide hands with work. Our aim is to maintain a good and long-lasting customer service provider relationship. Our overall goal of Clipping Path United is to be able to provide our customers with business at an affordable cost and with faster professional work. That's why we always keep ourselves updated with all the latest software to use the most recent and highest quality software solutions for all our needs. Since most of our customers are kept globally in different time zones, we work 24 hours a day so that they can always be available and accessible to them.