June 5, 2018, 7:30 am

Having more product photos leads to more sales

Sometimes we are asked why we recommend taking multiple shots of any product rather than just one main product shot. The reason is simple: An online shopkeeper cannot handle your product and can see how it can do in the store. You have only your photos to show all the best selling points of your product. According to eBay, each professional product added to a list enhances photo sales percentage. Therefore it is important to have enough images to give a complete overview of your product.

The purpose of photographs of your product should be to give a shopkeeper an almost experience as a product in his hand. For most of the products, we recommend the following angles:

45 degree
left side
on the right side

Detailed information about the product's needs depends on the product. Here are some common types:

Stop the extension. Any special feature of your product is worthy of its very close angle photo. These are very common for jewelry, to show gem settings such as workmanship, and for decorative elements such as clothing and shoes, such as buckle or appeal If your product has an element that can be tampered with an adjustable stand or a removable strap or cover, then you would want to show that element in 2 different situations.

Color classification If a product comes in many different colors, we always recommend one shot in each of those colors. In this way, you are showing to your shopkeepers that instead of imagining the product in different colors with a small color switch, they look like every color variety.

Reference Shaped Shots If you have a type of product whose size is not easy to judge with a full-frame photo with white background, then you can help your buyers with reference shop photos. Your product can be placed next to a dime or quarter for a ruler, or a small product. These are especially helpful in selling jewelry so that shopkeepers can see the exact size of each piece.

Texture details If your product is a selling point or finish over the surface, details shots can help them show up. The metal object that comes in bright, satin and matte finishes probably needs a photo in all those finishes. For textile products, an expansion shot can show the texture of a fur stack or the duplication pattern of lace or a print fabric.

The most important reason to offer all these different shots is that they will keep you ahead of your competition. Photos of the product that looks better than the photos of your competitors, and reveal more information about the product, will make more value in the shopkeeper's mind. And it gives you an edge over your sales.

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