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Ghost Mannequin Effect and Neck Joint Editing


If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet efficient way to sell your clothes or fashion accessories, then using the effigy for your product images is probably the most viable option. The reason for this is that it captures any product that is considered effective in shape, which makes it look consistent and more professional.

But even if the effigy is distracting many times, it does not mean that you no longer have any choice. Of course, there is something you can do that one of the best options available to you is using the ghost pupil effect on the images of the items you sell.

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Editing:
Also known as the Throat Linking Service, the ghost effigy effect is a creative and unique technique that applies to pictures of clothing. Although it is a relatively new way of displaying clothes on a website or a catalog, it has still been selected to showcase products like jackets, shirts, jeans, blazers, jackets and shirts from many businesses in the fashion industry. With this technique, customers will have a better idea of how they will look when wearing some pieces of garment. To maintain consistency in websites, many retailers and brands like to take pictures of their apparel using the Ghost nineteen technique. However, to achieve this effect, some things are necessary to include.

Ghost Mannequin Effect – Benefit Businesses:
To attract more consumers, a product image is very important, especially if you are in the garment business. With the high-quality product photography, the use of invisible models will highlight the presentation features of the products, rather than imagining how buyers fit them or how it looks when worn. For many customers, image or branding is very important - this is where clothes photography techniques are easy. This will actually make or break a business profession. Unfortunately, it is not always the most effective way to display the unique fit of the clothing product, using one of the easiest methods of taking photographs of clothes or using a pupil. Along with this, retailers have still photographed their products using a mannequin or model, but in the latter part, they modify them using a photo editing software of their choice. For the garment industry, excellent photos are clearly essential. The reason for this is that the quality of the garment shown in the photo can determine if the customer will buy the product or not.

Ghost Mannequin Effect & Modular Mannequin:
A ghost mannequin can be any modular mannequin unless the individual pieces of the apparel can be easily removed. It can also be a live model.

Studio Lighting: A steady source of cool LED lamps is suggested to ensure consistency between contrast, shadows and exposure.

Camera: To make ghost mannequin, there is no special type of camera, however, if it is for a professional product photography service, Canon EOS 5D Mk III is considered to be the industry standard.

Garments: Garments can take any form - Blazers, clothes, coats, jeans, jackets, and even simple shirts.

T-shirt Photography Ghost Mannequin Edit:
The best technique for displaying clothes can be very challenging for brands and retailers. That's why they always try different ways to make their products more attractive. Below are some that are proven to produce good results.


In all T-shirt photography techniques, the easiest and most commonly used technique is to make clothes flat, companies work with professional photo-textile stylists, who spend several hours checking every detail of the apparel. . L.L. Bean and GAP children are among the labels who used and used the excellent flat-photographic effect in their photos of their products at their online store.


In this technique, many factors should be kept in mind. Still, it also produces great results like flat T-shirt photography technology.

Technically, while using this method, shooting clothes are done from the top, though there are limitations on how high the camera should be. Therefore, if the clothes are very large and the camera is very low, then the edges may end. For example, to be able to successfully capture a costume of a costume, one can increase the camera to a height of at least 6 inches.

Mannequin or Model:

For effigy or model T-shirt photography technology, big lights are required, especially if carrying physical shots entirely. In addition, very large softboxes or umbrellas will also be required. These two are necessary to create another enticing and striking image.

Invisible Mannequin Effect:
Even if you are a newbie, you can still achieve the ghost mannequin effect. Here’s how:

1. Raise a necklace:
Before doing anything else, you have to prepare everything for the shoot. You should first get a good quality pupil to set up the photo.

2. Set up a studio:
If possible, use a white background in your set up, it will give you the assurance that the color of the fabric has not been expanded. The white color shows the light on the photo, keeping the calibration of the white balance of your camera correct. Later, you can get rid of background in Photoshop.

3. Take photos:
Possibly take pictures of costumes in every angle and make sure you include the front side, the part which gives a clear view of the tag area, as well as the rear side.

4. Modify it to achieve a ghost spiral effect:
Import all the images in the camera on your computer After doing this, the exciting part starts.

aa-icon Open your image in Photoshop Create a new background layer and fill it in full so that your image is popped up. It also helps you to create a clear background to put labels on your layers.

Isolate the product from the aa-icon background Make it easy with the "selection" tool whether it is a "magic stick" or "Lasso" device

Keep the AA-icon Mask With the layers of the selected fabrics, refine the mask to make sure it is tight. When you go to the "Select" tab, you can remove the entire background and mannequins using the "Refine Age" tool, then click on "OK" under the "Riffin Edge" tab, clothing will be floating freely and A white background will be fashioned.

aa-icon Repeat steps with the reverse side of the apparel. It is important to create an illusion of the invisible model, create a new layer, select the product, and then proceed to refine the mask

Combine the two images. Clean your mask and combine images Adjust positioning to make sure it is in full homogeneity and is well proportional to the back of the layers.

Delete or erase the unnecessary sections of the top-down layer. make sure that everything is clean and nothing is out of line

Add the shadow. to correct the shadow between two layers so you can make the depth of the product - it also creates the illusion of an invisible mannequin which will show curves and length

Be sure to save your design. Save a copy of your Photoshop image with all your original layers and merge another copy into a universal image file with all the layers e.g. PNG, JPG, IMG

Keep in mind though, that if you want to professionally produce product images, it would be best to visit experts on invisible effigy photo effects.

Hire Ghost Mannequin Effect Expert:
Small retailers do not have the time to change the images at the same time, as well, the removal of the effigy or model in the photo can be very difficult for an amateur to perform. Well, there is nothing to fret, hiring professional services to implement the Ghost nineteen effect, the images will be ready within 24 hours or less, with the assurance of quality and cost efficiency. As a result, photos of products will look more unique and enticing, any online store will be brought to a commercial level and will reach a wider market.

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